Bay of Naples

When two brothers from a family of 11 decided to leave their home in Monte di Procida near Naples, Italy, and seek their futures in America, they couldn’t have known how this adventure would turn out.

They did know that they were leaving nine siblings behind, and that stored in their own memory banks were recollections of how food in their own family was lovingly prepared and enjoyed.

The happy ending is that co-owners Biagio (Benny) and Salvatore (Sal) Coppola roamed from Brooklyn through North Jersey to South Jersey seeking their unique destinies, and establishing restaurants along the way.

“We came here for the same reason so many have — to find a better life,” said Sal Coppola. “And we have found not just that, but also wonderful friends and customers.”

His brother, Benny Coppola, heartily agrees.

While they have sold their restaurants beyond South Jersey, today these brothers own two places of which they are very proud, including their first venture, the popular Tarantella Ristorante in Medford, which opened in May 1997.

If you’re looking for a place that makes you feel like dancing for joy, Tarantella is it. The restaurant is true to its name, which describes a group of folk dances with a fast, lively upbeat tempo.

It’s also a place where the staff will greet you and treat you like family, and where general manager Ivan Coppola and manager Chris Bayer will do the same.

Benny and Salvatore Coppola


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